Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Travel Beauty Products

When you have a tight carry on space, you need not to sacrifice your beauty routine. There are various innovative items which can ensure that you stay gorgeous and which can greatly save on space and time before arriving at your destination. Some of these travel beauty products include:

The Flo Perfume Atomizers

This atomizer enables one to carry along the perfume of his/her choice wherever one goes to - even though there is inadequate room in your purse. The patented filling system allows you to spray or pour your desired perfumes and colognes into the atomizer which can be filled and refilled as one desires. 


Filling the device is hassle free and quite fast as one does not require a funnel. It has a glass receptacle that is encased and therefore one does not have to worry of leakages or spillovers.

Portable light travelling mirrors

Flo Accessories travel mirrors are designed to factor the needs of the travelling people. They are assembled out of high quality materials and are particularly made for light travelling. Most of these mirrors are standardized and have extremely bright LED lights to help you in applying make- up in any room, even one with inadequate lighting. These mirrors are specially made for travelling and are thus held by hand in order to protect glass from breaking and scratching while travelling.
FLO Nail Files

These nails are flight and TSA approved. The file is gorgeous and in ensuring that this product lasts long, it has got a carrying case that is protective. The nail file is available in two sizes; regular and mini and one is therefore able to pick which ever size that best fits his lifestyle needs. 

Nail files are very effective in preventing the nails from peeling and chipping. Flo's crystal nail file gives great results as it leaves your nail tips feeling smooth and classy. Moreover, they provide great maneuverability regardless of the shape of nail you desire.

Portable USB Travel Shavers

Whether you are travelling out of town, going on vacation or going for a business meeting, the portable shaver comes in handy to cater for your shaving needs. The shaver is small, compacted and easy to park for any kind of trip. Moreover, the design of the travel shaver battery enables one to recharge the battery quickly so that you can get several hours of use while on the go after just a single charge. Upon buying this, you will get a shielding travel pouch, extra shaver head and cleaning brush together with your shaver. Thus all that you require for proper maintenance and use comes with the chosen Flo Travel shaver.

On-The-Go Beauty Organizer

This is an accessory that enables one to organize one’s travel beauty products to one stylish auxiliary. Included in the kit can be the Flo Perfume Atomizer, nail files, make up and also an interior mirror. 

There is also a back slit meant for conveniently carrying credit cards, packing cosmetics and also a magnetic closure for keeping secure your essentials while travelling.